A Great Resource, Thank you!
Sports conversation colouring: we plan to use it in our memory cafe later today.
Absolutely love this resource. It would be great if it was available in collaborative format!
Great Idea!
Great activity thank you!
Great Colouring Picture!
Great reminiscence colouring picture, thank you!
Great Activity!
Our residents really enjoyed the activity, the colouring cards sparked-up some engaging conversations.
Perfect! What a great activity!
These colouring cards were perfect for our community group! They helped link interests so people could choose and colour the same cards and chat. What a great idea!
I can't recommend this site enough!
A great variety of innovative activities, completely different from other care home resource sites, this is an amazing community group doing awesome work, such a caring and active group offering accessible activities to everyone.
WOW! I'm really impressed with the download, great idea to use cards to create connections, keep up the good work!
Great activity pack!
I used this with my dad during the lockdowns, it's a great free resource
Lovely activity, our gents were chatting away all afternoon, please add more!
Great Activity Pack!
Our residents loved it, especially the Vera Lynn quiz!
Lovely activity, gents in our care home were chatting away all afternoon, please add more of these!
Great Activity Pack!
Our residents loved it, especially the Vera Lynn quiz!
Activity Co-ordinator
I love this! We watched this movie last week and one lady sang every song! It's a helpful resource for conversation. I'm glad I found it
An Excellent Group Activity!
This is a great concept because anyone can contribute to it, no matter how artistic they are. It's also good to guess who the picture is of while you colour it because it creates interaction.
Great Conversation Picture!
It's great for discussion, one of our residents is a big George Formby fan, he's watched all the films, it was lovely listening to him talk about the films whilst colouring in the picture this afternoon.

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