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in on 2 November 2023


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In the land of moonlit sky, a quirky bird begins to sigh. With wings as silver as the moon, she sings her whimsical tune. Lunar bird, perched up high, waiting for her colours to apply. A canvas of feathers, pure and white, yearning for hues to bring them delight. As she sits and waits and contemplates, her imagination boldly resonates, Neither grey nor dull is her desire, but shades that make her feathers inspire. She dreams of vibrant hues filled with Intricate patterns that never fade. Perhaps a touch of sunny yellow, or a dash of red, bright and mellow. Would she be sassy with a touch of green? Or alluring with a rich shade of marine? Maybe majestic with a royal blue, or whimsical with a rainbow hue? Oh, Lunar bird, what whimsy you seek, as you ponder colours unique, In your stillness, you find sweet bliss, hoping for a tint that you won’t miss. Let’s grab our palettes, oh so grand, and unleash creativity at our command. Together we’ll paint the lunar bird’s design, making her beauty truly divine. For she’s the canvas of a playful soul, waiting for colours to make her whole, and as she sits and waits up high, we’ll give her colours that truly amplify. Tweet, tweet oh colours so sweet. Discover more affirmations and story starters where this images features in the 300 gms paper book Transcendent Multiway Colouring Book

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