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in on 2 November 2023


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Dive into the enchanting world of the mesmerizing Betta Splendens where it finds solace and sanctuary in its safe space.
Witness the grace and beauty of this magnificent being as it glides through the depths, reminding us of the importance of finding our own safe havens.
Just like this fish, we all deserve a place where we can be ourselves, free from judgment and negativity. Embrace your uniqueness and create your own sanctuary, where you can thrive and shine brightly. Where you can recharge, reflect, and embrace your true self. Just like this sea-bearing marvel, may you find peace and serenity in your own safe space. This download also features in the Transcendent Multiway Colouring Book. You can also find within the book a few reflective variations! And some intriguing story starters. Give them a go today and see where your imagination will go, with Transcendent Multiway Colouring Book.

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