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My Colourful Memories has an inspirational and meaningful origin story that is a testament to the power of determination and hard work. In 2014, our founder Neil Floyd explored the idea of creating a colouring book that promotes conversation between caregivers and users at Blackburn College’s University Centre. After the passing of his late father, Neil enrolled on a degree course in illustration. He was greatly inspired by his father, who often told him that he should pursue art as a career.

In the summer of 2014, everything changed. Neil was given a creative brief to create an adult colouring book. Neil remembered his father’s love of colouring and his conversations with him while he was colouring in. Neil asked himself why colouring was seen as a solitary activity rather than a group activity based on interaction and conversation.

my-colourful-memoriesNeil began combining his late father’s life journal with the activity of colouring. He illustrated specific themes that could potentially ignite conversations or memories of specific visual stimuli, such as hobbies, pets, and holidays. Care settings were studied, and caregivers and participants provided positive feedback. Throughout the process, participants and caregivers seemed to have developed a sense of trust within their relationships while using the books. The idea to design a specific conversation and colouring book to promote interaction between people living with dementia had never been seen before, and the book received great attention. This led to the book being featured on BBC News North West Tonight in 2016.

In 2016, Neil founded My Colourful Memories as a Community Interest Company. Through the assistance of volunteers, he provided interactive activities in local care homes and daycare centres. In 2018, Neil obtained a Master’s degree in Arts Health with a focus on dementia care, enhancing his understanding of the resources needed for people living with dementia.

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Covid 2020 changed everything. Care homes obviously couldn’t be assessed, and project concepts were limited—my Colourful Memories.COM  was initially an extension of our community work and was inspired by an activity pack we developed. Neil created my colourful memories – .com- to deliver the resources to the community. As well as managing My Colourful Memories, Neil is the primary caregiver for his mother, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2017, and he takes inspiration from her as she also loves to colour. Many ideas on this platform have been inspired by the real-world experience of caring for someone with dementia.

This platform was used to deliver a lovely project in 2021 that included schools, care homes and the community. We asked schools to create some illustrations that were then shared with care homes and the community. A highlight of this project was watching a seven-year-old draw a picture and a 97-year-old colour it in, which was amazing.

Some colouring downloads display images that have already been coloured; these are just examples of what the picture could look like once it’s coloured. Our workshop participants have provided these for demonstration purposes. You will receive a blank colouring page for you to colour, not one that has already been coloured.

In July 2023, our download website expanded with the inclusion of seller’s store accounts. This feature enables creators to sell their work while aiding in the fight against loneliness and anxiety.

From our location in Hyndburn, Lancashire, can help people with dementia worldwide. Innovating creative concepts and showcasing creativity in dementia care worldwide, we are extremely proud to be a Lancashire, born and bred company.

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